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Insurance Coverage

The Association’s blanket policy is single entity and covers the structure and betterments meaning the interior - walls, flooring, cabinets, etc.  Each homeowner will need to carry separate coverage for their personal property, personal liability and earthquake assessment loss for $10,000.  The Association’s blanket policy includes earthquake coverage.  However, the earthquake deductible is $2.5 million which equates to approximately $10,000 per unit.  If each owner carries earthquake assessment loss in the amount of $10,000 this will cover their deductible.  The annual insurance premium is billed to the Homeowners each December.  The insurance agency is First Insurance Group and the representative is Donna Johnson (812) 331-3230. 


Sherwood Green is considered a Planned Unit Development not a condo for financing and finances as a single family residence.  This is reflected in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions on page 3 Section 10 - PUD.  

Is Sherwood Green FHA and VA approved for financing?  Yes, Sherwood Green finances as a single family residence.  I

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